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 Combi brug children's play equipment

Give your children a fun environment outside

Get a garden swing, playhouses, climbing frames and more

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2014-12-12 00:23:59

Make the most
of your garden

You want to make sure that your kids are outside and having fun as much as possible. But these days you also want them to be safe. The best way to ensure that they are getting fresh air and playing is by doing it in your own back garden, which is where our children’s play equipment comes to the fore.

Fantastic options for all children

There’s a wide range of products to choose from, including towers, playhouses and climbing frames. You can combine all sorts of fun things like a garden swing, slide, monkey bars or walls. Whatever you want we’re bound to have it. Check out some of our options below, look at our brochure or contact us for even more products.

Be safe and sound with our play equipment

Safety is paramount when it comes to your children. You can rest assured that our products are made of high quality materials that are built to last and incorporate all the safety mechanisms they can. Don’t worry about a thing, just sit back, relax and enjoy the sound of laughter!

View A Selection Of Our Children’s Play Equipment


 Duplex climbing frame play tower

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Penthouse Tower

The Blue Rabbit Penthouse tower has the lot. If you want a playhouse or climbing frame look no further. Swings, slides and more can be added. We also provide Belvedere and Cabanna tower.

 Bunker play tower and climbing frame

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Beach Hut Tower

Sturdy wooden tower is great for any kid. You can add a garden swing and slide, whatever you’d like to make it a fine playhouse/climbing frame.

 Blue Rabbit tower, bridge and slide

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Bridge, Tower & Slide

You can connect two Blue Rabbit towers and add the bridge, slide and more for the ultimate climbing frame and playhouse. Ideal for young acrobats and adventurers.

 Blue Rabbit garden freeswing

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Quite simply fun for kids! This is sold as frame only, swing accessories are sold separately.

 Blue Rabbit ramp and climbing wall with polyhemp rope

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This fantastic Blue Rabbit climbing wall comes with polyhemp climbing rope and is extremely solid.

 Blue Rabbit climbing wall

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Ideal for young adventures climbers and goes well with Blue rabbit towers. Sturdy colour pigmented resin climbing stones.

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Let your children climb safely with this Blue Rabbit ropeladder with wooden rungs and a polyhemp rope.

 Two children enjoying the duo seat from Blue Rabbit products

Duo Seat

Ideal garden swing for two young children. Easy maintenance and can be attached simply to other Blue Rabbit products.

 Pendulum tyre swing

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Pendulum Tyre Swing

A tyre is an excellent garden swing. But be safe and go with one that has been put together by experts.

 Swibee nest swing

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Nest Swing – Swibee

Fantastic garden swing with water-repellent fabric so ideal for the UK and Ireland. Adjustable rope length suitable for any fun garden.

 Blue Rabbit climbing net

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We offer a variety of rope and netting. This polyhemp rope is soft to touch and part of the Blue Rabbit® module.

 Child's letterbox

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Letter Box

Child friendly letter box for fun use on a climbing frame or playhouse. Injection moulded PP.

 Spring toy pony

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Spring Toy Pony

Fortified plastic handgrips and feet supports with anti-slip profile. It is vandalism resistant and anchors need to be placed in concrete.

 Child's blackboard and clock

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Blackboard to write on with chalk, the clock has movable hands and can be fitted to any play tower. It is 600 x 500mm.

 Galvanised swing around hook

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Swing Around Hooks

We have plenty of hooks and corners that can fix swings to what you need them to. This is a galvanised swing around hook with a diameter of 100mm. Contact us for more fixings.




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